A digital tool designed to create a supportive, enjoyable and engaging physiotherapy service for young patients with long term health conditions. Flexi interactively sets exercises for patients and motivates them to achieve their health goals.

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Physiotherapy programmes are currently paper-based documents that can be both boring and confusing for children to follow. Flexi aims to use fun and intuitive digital visuals to showcase a library of of exercises and activities for young patients. Children collect points for achieving their health goals, exchanging them for rewards to incentivise greater long-term health.


Physios can feel that they spend more time writing up exercises for their patients than treating them, and can be left unaware of their patients' progress. With Flexi, physios will be updated on their patients' progress, enjoying higher participation rates whilst supporting service provision for happier, healthier patients.


For parents and carers, physiotherapy can be stressful. They want what is best for their children, but it can be hard to understand what they need to do, or get enough time with their physio. Flexi helps families to feel involved and informed throughout their children’s physiotherapy process by keeping them in the heart of the conversation throughout.

The Founders

Stuart Clark and Lee Evans are neuro physiotherapists with a combined 25 years of valuable experience. They are passionate about working with children and young people to achieve great, long-lasting health and having fun in doing so.